The study of the shapes and features within the Irwell Catchment

Slope Diagram

Using GIS to analysis the slopes within the catchment, hence to better understand the landform and topography of the area. Lighter colour represents areas with steeper slope, while darker color represents areas with gentler slope.



The below image taken from a 3d model produced of the Irwell catchment area. Each terrace represents a 50 metre difference within the space.
Overall the area within the catchment is relatively flat.
However,  the Irwell catchment can be easily categorised into three areas, Top, middle and bottom.
The northern (top) area of the site shows most extreme topographical differences. The undulating landforms are a direct comparison within the southern (bottom) area of the catchment. The middle segment in a hybrid of the two spaces with most extreme topographical difference occurring at the east and west boundaries.


3D Model



The model below was generated in order to visually represent gradients due to existing topography. As other drawings  and reports show the most extreme gradients or sloped areas of land are located in the more undulating northern part of the catchment. With the visualisation of this information direct links can be drawn been hydrological characteristics and the surrounding topographical features.


3 sections are cut in the topography model, from north to south. Rivers and the boundary of the catchment area are indicated in the sections


Mineral extraction sites & water quality

mineral extraction sites are located in the plan, it shows a potential relationship between the mineral extraction activity with water pollution. As shown on the plan, lower course river bears heavier water pollution than the upper streams.



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